Nya regler för Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12

10 10 2009

Technical cost containment, improved safety and reliability, closer competition and maintaining the Volvo Open 70’s status as the most spectacular offshore monohull are at the heart of the 2011-12 Volvo Open 70 Rule and Notice Of Race, released today.
In summary, the key points are:

– Each boat must complete a 600 nautical mile qualification race prior to the race start as well as the 2,000 nautical mile qualification run.
– Second generation boats with configurations from the previous race will be permitted to race with minimal modification.
– All boats sailed after the 15/03/2011 must be raced.
– One new boat is permitted to be built per team. A team is permitted to campaign one second generation and one third generation boat.Weight
– New maximum boat weight of 14,500kg – an increase from 13,860-14,000kg

– Maximum weight of 7,400kg (keel/fin bulb combined).
– One new keel fin design.
– One new keel bulb design.

– New pre-race sails limited to 15 for one boat entered the race. Race sails reduced from 24 to 17 per boat.
– Furling or hanked headsails, no headfoils. Appendages
– Maximum of two new sets of daggerboards.
– Maximum of two sets of new rudders.
– Only like-for-like rudder change in the race.

– Maximum of two new identical masts and booms.

– No two-boat testing before the race.

– Total crew number kept at 11 including Media Crew Member.
– Female teams to carry 14 sailors, including the Media Crew Member.
– Under-30 rule: Three crew members to be born on or after 1st September, 1980. An increase of one from 2008-09.
– Media Crew Members will be permitted to carry out additional duties.

– No stacking beyond the aft or forward bulkheads below deck.
– Expansion of water ballast tank capacity to 1,600 litres to allow for changes to stacking regulations. In-port races
– There will be an in-port race in every stopover.
– No additional crew for in-port races.

– Points system revised: Leg points weighting – multiple of 5, scoring gates – multiple of 2, in-port race – multiple of 1.

Läs hela artikeln på Volvo Ocean Race.





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