Don’t be evil!

21 07 2011

Ok, the title might be a bit harse but…

Yesterday my daughter was brutally kicked out of her Gmail/Google account. The reason was that we stated her age when we registered her for Google +. She is 10 years old and apparently you have to be 13 to have a Google account…!?

Fine, I can accept that there is an age limit of a social network such as Google +, I know that Facebook has an age limit, but why is there a limit of one email account and why don’t you have to enter the age at registration of the account? Is it right to just throw her out of her emails after a year? Her tears says otherwise …

Not only that she was thrown out, she did not even get a chance to save her emails, contacts or photos.

Not the way I thought a company like Google would solve a situation like this and I hope that they will restore her account as soon as possible.

After six years as a user and ambassador for Google’s services I will now consider whether I should continue to use their services and if so, how do I back up my emails and contacts?

I would love some feedback from Google!

Update: Finally managed to get hold of Google to sort out my account problem. All’s well that ends well even though this one was a close call.
Took me 29 (!) days to get a respons, another day and the account (and information) would have been lost forever…